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First Aider (Baden Powell Service Association Scout Group)

  • 1

    Show that you know the meaning of “First Aid” and the need for summoning help.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 2

    Show how to dress minor cuts and grazes and know the importance of cleanliness in treatment.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 3

    Know how to treat sprains, apply a triangular bandage to a sprained ankle, and put on a large arm sling.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 4

    Know the common causes of burns and scalds and their prevention; how to extinguish flames if your clothes catch fire; and the simple treatment for burns and scalds.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 5

    Know how to treat a nosebleed.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 6

    Understand and know the simple treatment for shock (not electric).

    BPSA Scout Group