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Guide (Baden Powell Service Association Scout Group)

  • 1

    Be able to give clear and concise directions, well expressed and clearly spoken to the examiner, and do so politely and promptly. Be aware of the dangers of speaking to or being approached by strangers.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 2

    Know the location of the nearest police station, doctor’s office, pharmacy, firehouse, railway or bus station, gas station, and hotel, if there are such places nearby.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 3

    Know how to call for police, fire, ambulance, and poison control.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 4

    Be able to:

    BPSA Scout Group
    • a

      (in towns) Know the number, if any, and at least two places each way on the route of the local buses, light rail, or subway, up to a maximum of four routes.

      BPSA Scout Group
    • b

      (in country) Know the route of the local bus or buses if commuter bus service exists where you live.

      BPSA Scout Group