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Map Reader (Baden Powell Service Association Scout Group)

  • 1

    Understand the main symbols and signs used on a topographical map of your locality.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 2

    Pinpoint your home, school, and other locations on it and explain how well-known local features are shown on the map.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 3

    Make a scale model of a hill, showing contour lines at regular intervals.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 4

    Know how to use a map and compass and be able to “orient” or align a map using a compass.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 5

    Show that you can use six-figure grid references.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 6

    Along a five-mile stretch of road selected by the Examiner, on a topographical map, describe what you would see. Make a simple sketch of this topographical map.

    BPSA Scout Group