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Explorer (Baden Powell Service Association Scout Group)

  • 1

    Arrange and carry out an expedition for yourself and at least 2 other Scouts, of not less than 2 days and 1 night’s duration to a place you are not familiar with. All equipment to be carried in backpacks and to include food. Each backpack to weigh not more than 35 lbs.

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  • 2

    Plan a project, and submit it to the Examiner for approval. Carry it out alone or with another Scout to the Examiner’s satisfaction. The type of project should be a simple exploration, for example: mapping all trails in a local park.

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  • 3

    Complete a journey with another Scout of 3 miles by compass only, different bearings to be used. A map may be used.

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  • 4

    From a map select 3 areas of 8 miles where a good backpacking campsite should be possible. Give your reasons for these choices.

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  • 5

    Make an article of hiking kit, such as a tent, sleeping bag, campfire blanket, backpack, or stuff sack.

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  • 6

    Show knowledge of personal hygiene, the care of feet and footgear.

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