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Senior Rescuer (Baden Powell Service Association Scout Group)

  • 1

    PREREQ: Have passed the Lifesaver proficiency badge.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 2

    Perform in the water 4 methods of rescue.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 3

    Dive from the surface to a depth of at least 15 feet and bring up a stone, brick or iron object of not less than 5 pounds, at least 2 out of 3 times.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 4

    Swim 50 yards attired in shirt, trousers, and undress in the water.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 5

    Throw a lifeline to within 1 yard of a small object 15 yards away. Thrower to be up to waist in the water.

    BPSA Scout Group
  • 6

    Lead a team to deal with emergencies as given in the Lifesaver Badge.

    BPSA Scout Group