Find a BPSA Scout Group Rover

Rover Instructor Badge (Baden Powell Service Association Scout Group)

  • Complete the requirements for the Practical Training Strip
    BPSA Scout Group
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of, and ability to instruct in, one or more of the following subjects
    • The Pathfinder/Rover First Class tests
    • Any one of the Pathfinder Proficiency badges required for the George Washington Scout badge or Bushman’s Thong
    • Any two other Pathfinder Proficiency badges
    • First and Second Star badges for Timberwolves and two Timberwolf Special Proficiency badges
    BPSA Scout Group
  • Produce a certificate from a Scoutmaster or Akela that you have instructed Pathfinders or Timberwolves satisfactorily for a period of at least three months with a high standard of instructional ability.
    BPSA Scout Group