Let's Get Ready to Race!


The annual Pinewood Derby provides a great opportunity for scouts and their adult partner(s) to work together and create a racing masterpiece. Outside of using power tools, parents should let their scout work on as much of the car as possible (drawing the design/template, sanding the wheels, hammering in the axles, painting the car, etc.). Most importantly, work together and HAVE FUN!

We run heats for each den, an open division for guests (which includes siblings, parents, and leaders), and a division for our local Girl Scout troops. The winners of each den compete against each other in the finals for a chance to participate in the national derby.


Before you start, be sure to review our Pinewood Derby Rules.

If you are also making a Lego car, please read these Lego MiniBrick Rules.

Need some inspiration when building your car? Check out these sample templates »

Mandatory Weigh-In

Every car that will participate in the derby must be presented at the weigh-in. There are no exceptions, as each car must be entered into the scheduling and scoring computer in time for race day!


Our Pinewood Derby schedule for 2024 is listed below. 2025 will be posted later in year.  Please plan to remain for the duration of the event. We also offered a Lego Derby car option for 2024.

Car WorkshopJan 5, 20236:00pm - 8:00pmThe Fitz - Community Room 3
Car Weigh-InJan 19, 20236:00pm - 8:00pmThe Fitz - Cafetorium
Pinewood DerbyJan 20, 20239:00am - 12:00pmThe Fitz - Cafetorium

2024 Stats

The 2024 Pinewood Derby is now behind us. Here are some overall stats from this year's race:

Grand Final Standings

PlaceAvg TimeAvg MPHCar#Car Name


22.60919626Flame Flash

32.6235194.9240The Bosties Mobile

42.635194.0721Bat Mobile

52.6448193.3529It's Christmas Time

62.6464193.2331Iron Golam

72.6485193.081Sparkly Ketchup

82.6533192.7342Pizza Pizzazz

92.6536192.7110Needy the Speedy

102.6558192.5552Iron Car

112.6994189.4432Toxic Waste

122.759185.3438Iron Man

132.7635185.048Slingshot Speeder

142.7875183.4514Space Cheese

Open Standings                                                                                                                   

PlaceAvg TimeAvg MPHCar#Car Name
12.5728198.76471964 GTO
22.5847197.8419Fast Bones
32.6029196.4611Green Monster
42.6521192.8144Teh Crusaders Mobile
52.6913190.0113War Machine
62.7064188.9525Gold Strike
82.8064182.2137Keep Swimming

Lego Standings

PlaceAvg TimeAvg MPHCar#Car Name
12.7005189.3636Cosmic Lego
32.7176188.1735Green Machine
42.7672184.799Mr. Fasty
52.779118412Lighting Fox
62.7916183.1841The Speedis Mobile
82.9175175.2728I don't know
92.9276174.6727The Death Starter
102.9349174.2443Flame Thrower
112.9466173.5451Thunder Lighting
122.9476173.4815Grocery Failure
132.9512173.2746Thor's Hammer
142.9573172.9218Speedzy L.0
152.9757171.8554What You Doing?
183.053167.53Rifle Rabbit
203.1532162.1745Spider Man Car
213.3455152.8523Cow Catcher (maybe)

2022 Stats

The 2022 Pinewood Derby is now behind us. Here are some overall stats from this year's race:

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